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Children's Storybooks


Luna Respite & Learning Center is a Montreal resource that provides an array of services for children with diverse abilities.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Who we are

A multidisciplinary team that consists of Specialized Educators, Board Certified Behaviour Analysts, students and volunteers.

Child Activity

Our Approach

We take a play-based approach which adopts aspects of child-led and open-ended play. We use naturalistic teaching strategies to help children reach important milestones.

Daycare Center

Our Center

Offers three spacious settings that includes a gross motor gym, a sensory room and a learning space. We understand the importance in adapting our center to the well-being and the development of all children. 

Child at Psychologist


Our services are created to encompass learning through sensory stimulation, speech development, fine and gross motor activities, social skills, and academic practice / guidance. These elements are found in days filled with themes of fun at Luna's!

Hand Sanitizer

Health & Safety

We value the well being of everyone within our facility. We continue to adhere to the sanitary norms of the global pandemic (CO-VID 19) at all times. 

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