Creative Arts & Movement

Paint the world, let your inner artist out and the creativity will flow from the tip of your fingers! A mix of arts and movement allowing children to engage in a non demanding way through artistic creations!

Kid's Drawings

Science Club

Potions, bubbles, bugs and more await you in the science lab! A place where children can learn about science and experiment each week!

Excited Children in Science Class

Music Group

Music is truly universal. It teaches, engages, calms, soothes and encourages. Join us for weekly sessions to explore and learn all about musical instruments and so much more! 

Music Class

Teen Club

Each week a new adventure hides behind the door as the members enter a new realm to hang in! Join the zone and let loose, feel comfortable to try new things! Teens are encouraged to develop their social skills and self wellness!

Happy Teens

Kid's Yoga


Kid's Yoga is all about helping children reach their fullest potential, regardless of their abilities. An adapted approach that aims to help children find inner peace. A space where focus, concentration and confidence is enhanced!

Yoga Class


Our tutoring program is designed for students to seek support, guidance, help and individual attention throughout their educational development. 

Tablet Learning

Parent's Night

We understand that parents need a night to themselves. Our parent's night program aims to make this easier for you by offering a 4 hour respite block every second Friday night of the month!

girls indoor tent