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Respite Services

Respite care can be for a few hours during the day. Respite care can be used occasionally or on a regular basis. Your child will be cared for at our center while parent’s have the chance to take a break or tend to other obligations. Respite care is also a break for your child. Your child can have a change from their usual routine. This can help your child develop new skills and independence.

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Open Play

Open Play is for parents, caregivers, shadows and therapists to sign up and enjoy the therapeutic and fun activities in our facility! During this time an adult stay and supervises their child as they play and engage with others! LRLC is designed for children with special needs and is inclusive for all!

For your visit, we will provide you with theme-based activities to choose from. Our team will make sure all the materials are ready to go prior your arrival. Book a time & join us for open play!

Friendly Circle

Social Clubs

Our social clubs  offer many benefits for children. Our clubs, help children make friends and practice their social skills with both adults and peers. They teach children new skills and allow them to pursue a favorite hobby or activity. Our social clubs naturally, foster feelings of competence and happiness to boost kids' confidence and self-esteem.

Through a combination of crafts, sensory exploration, culinary experiences, music and movement, obstacle courses and workshops children have a great time whilst learning and applying lessons that are useful in their daily lives!

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Learning Services

Our learning services focus specifically on early intervention for children with special needs. Using an individualized approach to treatment. Our learning services can be effective in helping children make progress towards achieving age-appropriate developmental milestones. Children receiving early intervention support may show potential for increased academic readiness and to better be able to interact with their peers.

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