Our Respite Services aim to provide caregivers with a planned break. Arrangements for drop off and pick up are coordinated with our team.

Small Group Ratio's

Our respite services are offered in a small group setting, the educator to child ratio is 1:1 or maximum 2 children.

Adapted Programming

Our daily programs encourage creative expression, problem solving and focuses on the child's interests and their development.

Qualified Staff

All of our educators have extensive experience working alongside children with varying disabilities.

Learning Environments

We have 3 different learning environments that are all equally adapted. This includes; a sensory room, gross motor gym and a learning space. 


We truly believe that every child should feel a sense of belonging. It is our mission to meet every child's needs and provide a nurturing, safe and inclusive environment .

Our learning services aim to help children learn and grow using an individualized approach to treatment.

offered in blocks of 6 or 12 individual sessions !

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