Christina Rodriguez



Christina Rodriguez is a Special Care Counselor who is passionate about working with children. She has been working with both typical children as well as those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder providing intensive ABA Therapy. Christina's mission is to foster each child's developmental progress in all realms and to accommodate every child no matter where they are developmentally. 

Christina is the founder of Luna Respite and Learning Center which began in March 2021 and envisioned a resource where children can be themselves and thrive! Christina believes in creating an environment where we can embrace and validate each others differences and abilities while utilizing a humanistic, child centered perspective to therapy and family education.

Richard Kerkhoven

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Richard Kerkhoven is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) with over 15 years of experience working with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other special needs.

He has experience working in public and private, center-based intensive behavioural intervention programs, integrating children into the school system and working privately with clients in home-based settings. He has clinically supervised center-based programs and taught trainings promoting the use of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) to help children with special needs.


He obtained his bachelors of Psychology from Concordia University and a Master of Science in Psychology from Kaplan University, specializing in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis. He has extensive experience with parent coaching, conducting behavioural assessments, diagnostics and the creation of successful intervention plans. He currently supervises the work of interventionists applying behavioural strategies out in the community with children with diverse neurodevelopmental disorders.

Julia Rochford


Program Leader

Julia is a Special Care Counsellor, currently completing her studies in Social Work at McGill University. Julia is creative, adventurous and simply loves to have fun! Her past experiences have been alongside children and youth with physical, developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Nathalie Robinson



Nathalie is a Specialized Educator who has been in the helping field for over six years. Nathalie received her Certificate in Inclusive Education from McGill University and is currently studying at Concordia University for a bachelor’s degree as a specialized Therapeutic Recreational Therapist, Nathalie’s hands-on experience stems from working with young children and young adults with a range of disabilities. Nathalie always looks forward to building meaningful relationships with those she is helping!